Teutschel Design has provided the creative skills, knowledge and expertise to help start-up, mid-sized and established Fortune 500 companies achieve their marketing goals. These are some of the businesses we have had the pleasure to work with. Go to our portfolio and view what we provided to these companies.

Creative Support Services

Digital Photography
Compelling product photography increases sales. It elevates the professionalism and credibility of a product and the company selling it.

Video for Websites & Sales Presentations
Social Media has popularized the introduction of video onto company websites. But most video looks like they were shot in an integration room far away. What good is a video on your site if it scares away business? We provide clients with a one-day professional video workshop. For more information, please contact us.

Copy Development & Editing
Let a professional develop your copy. You may be a good writer, but even the best writers have editors. Let us help you convert data, product specs, slippery concepts, and value propositions into compelling, quick-read copy.

Print Buying
Buying print can be confusing and time consuming especially if you don't understand how printing is priced. We offer expert advice, save you time and money, and provide you with options. And we'll meet your deadline.

SEO, Network Integration
Make the most of your business marketing and design efforts through company-wide integration.

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