It's not about us — it's about you. We try very hard to clearly communicate project objectives, budgets and deadlines. Our synergistic approach to design clarifies goals so that everyone shares the same expectations.

Our Process — how it works

In this crucial first step we work closely with our clients to gain a better understanding of the their marketplace, products and services. We ask questions and from that dialogue we create a strategy to reach your goals. During this step we provide a detailed estimate and define schedule and budget requirements.

The purpose of this step is to provide tangible design concepts that can be evaluated for appropriateness, message clarity, impact and potential effectiveness. Typically, the result of this step is selection of one concept for further development.

The design concept is enhanced and expanded. Decisions are made about such things as illustration, photography, typography, color and copy. At this point schedules and budgets will be revisited if the scope of the project has changed.
This is our opportunity to take a final look to determine if there is anything we can do to improve the assignment. Editing, programming, presentation, and selection of materials are finalized at this step. With proper planning, one refinement cycle is included in the planning schedule.

In this final step we produce the "deliverables". We select vendors and oversee the production process to ensure it meets the assignment requirements. Deliverables can come in many forms: site posting, brochure printing, or delivery of catalogs to a specific location.

We offer a wide range of Creative Services and provide Creative Support Services for companies with specific needs.

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